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Windows update that require a reboot

jkimzlg asked
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Last Modified: 2019-08-07
Using SCCM to patch windows servers.  We are way behind in patching.  My apps teams wants to know how many times a server will need a reboot.  Is there an easy way to check to see which windows update will cause a server to reboot.  In control panel > windows update it always says 'You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect'.  Is there a website that can tell me for certain if an update will require a reboot?
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There is no way to be sure.  Count on one reboot in the middle. It depends on what updates it has to do to become current.

Since updates can be cumulative, there is no way to tell in advance. Some may be skipped if completely superseded. Some may happen as a prerequisite.
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echo John.

Not all available/needed updates will be displayed nor when they are displayed some updates might not be applicable/installable in one shot.
Often when one has the luxury of having a test environment that mimics production, one can use the test system to see how many updates/reboots it will take to come into the current state.

Since you have been running behind updates, take an outage window, update as far as it does, and reboot.
repeat outage window availability or await the next outage window.

often an outage window is 2-4 hours on a weekend.

Presumiong you are only installing recommended and security updates.

I would be in "front" of the system not push updates and ...
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

It totally depends on the OS and how far you are behind. Many times Microsoft will release a servicing stack update, while will need to be installed along with a likely reboot before more patches can be applied. I would say that you will need between 1-10 reboots to get up to date, depending on the OS and how far back you are. This doesn't include any additional reboots that could happen due to failed updates that get rolled back.

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