SQL server 2008 updates

David C
David C used Ask the Experts™
I need to apply an update to SQL server 2008 in a production environment.

Barring backing up the database would there be any other implications in doing this?
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Update to what version? Or just some hotfix? Incl. OS update?

SQL Server 2008 is outside of Microsoft support period already. You should do it in the test environment first.

The SQL Server update works w/o problems if you have enough free space obviously but you should be ready to revert the update back if something fails. To have the C: drive image before the update is worth to have. The database is safe in most of the cases.
David CIT Projects Manager


Hi pcelba,

I have advised my FD that this is EOL and we should update but this is not been approved yet, meanwhile I need to update this version to service pack 4 for a Sage update to be implemented.
SQL 2008 SP4 with necessary OS hotfixes is OK obviously.

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