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Shared Calendar missing

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Last Modified: 2019-08-09
I have an admin using Outlook 2010.  She has her calendar set with her name (e.g. Jane Doe).  She also appears to have created a second calendar called Jane Doe - Staff.  This calendar she shared out with her team and they used it to track time off.  So anyone desiring time off, could update this shared calendar with their time off.

She somehow removed it from her calendar view accidentally.  So all of her team can see it, but she can't.  How do we get this back for her.  Originally, she shared it with us, but not sure if we have to share it back to her??
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We need more information, is it a calendar within her own mailbox or is it a proper shared calendar in exchange?

If it's in her mailbox, you just need to find where it is and then re-add it, sharing it back to her would probably work just as well too.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019

In the lower-left corner of the Calendar of Outlook 2010, you should see all calendars under "My Calendars" and the second calendar called "Jane Doe - Staff" should be listed there also but without a tick in the checkbox in front of the name of the second calendar.

Just check the checkbox and the user will immediately see the second calendar.


Please refer to the picture under "Active Appointments" in the above link.