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Coldfusion 11 form fields won't submit

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2019-08-07
I have an intranet site running on server 2016 / IIS 10, just set it up.  It uses Windows Auth so I can tell which domain user is using the site (Coldfusion reads their windows username and matches it to a staff table).

There is a page where users fill out a time sheet.  When they submit the form, the browser (Chrome) shows "bad request".  I have the site emailing me when errors occur, and when that happens, I get an error about a form field being "undefined".  The strange thing is, when I submit that same form as myself, it work perfectly, no errors.  

So, I'm thinking that it has something to do with my account, being a domain admin, and that is somehow allowing me to POST data to the server?  Does that make any sense?  All other pages work normally, it's just this one that only I can submit successfully.

I'm at a loss as to where to begin troubleshooting this...help?
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IT Director
Nevermind, seems like the Maximum number of POST request parameters in CFADMIN needed to be increased!  It was set to 100, so I changed it to 1000 and it started working.  Yeesh, so many hours wasted on this...

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