How to interphase XML files and  with a PLC?

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Can a PLC extract information from a XML stream ?  How?
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David FavorFractional CTO
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If you're referring to a numerical based controller running some equipment... anything's is possible...

And likely this will require a large budget + large amount of time.

1) Fairly easy: If your controller is OS based, you'd require access to it's OS. In this case, you'll just write normal code based on whatever languages the embedded OS supports. For example, many kiosk systems + PLCs run disk based Linux.

2) Very hard: If it's running standalone state machine code... this will be long + expensive. In this case, you'd have to embed some sort of communication stack hook to connect to the XML stream, then add code to parse the XML stream, then use the XML stream.


It is a rockwell plc

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