Nodejs web interface for upload a file to server

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I would like to use nodejs for enabling an ad user to upload a local file to a server. It should be uploaden in a folder with the ad users name.
Have no experience with nodejs.
Please advise howto.

Note: have working code in powershell, now need a web interface for it.

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You can host your application on Heroku which provide cool add-ons.
You've this add-ons :

Here a complete tuto describing what you want to achieve :


Forgot to mention that I need to host the project on a local Windows webserver, NOT Linux.
Also, this question is only beginning of my project, lots of other powershell checks need to happen in the webinterface, like reading the file (should be exe or msi), showing and modifying output, validating output, creating scheduled task with output etc.
All things which are ready in Powershell.
So would like to have the concept of upload running, keeping in mind that there are other powershell items to be implemented.


EE questions are answered once, but as from then you are often on your own.
Not my answer but will just close instead of escalating again.

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