Rdp session: fonts some apps and menus unreadably small

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I m connecting from a Windows 10 machine to a Windows 2016 server running on VMware Esxi 5.5 via RDP.
Some applications (not all) show terribly small fonts and do not resize.
Where should, I look at to correct? An rdp to windows 10 has no issues.

Please advise.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Expand the RDP dialogue window and change the resolution to make the fonts larger.

Also in Windows 10, Start, Settings, System and the scale factor larger (say 125%)
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Mstsc /public /v:win2016host /w:1024 /h:768 /admin

And see if it makes a difference, presumably as others noted you get therefore to full screen and your local resolution is reflected, it gets complicated if the display from which you remote is of a specific space/resolution.
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Arnold, I wonder how this command would change anything. The screen is limited to less area, yes, but the fonts remain the same for me.
@JanHoedt - did this change the font size for yu?

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