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enthuguy used Ask the Experts™
Since I stated using macbook i'm trying to find and automate few keystrokes when using iTerm2

In windows, I use MobaXterm, where I can create macros. Looks for some guidance on how to acheive in Mac iTerm2 please

some cmds which I would ike to execute wtih key combinations

alias ll='ls ltr'

which will allow me to use "ll"

thanks in advance
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Have you not looked in the PREFERENCES ?

In Profiles you can create all the shortcuts you want in the settings there
Michael HurleyWeb Geek

I rely on AutoHotKey when I'm using windows, but for mac there is a nifty automation tool (free/opensource) that is actually pretty powerful called 'Hammerspoon'.  If all you need is one little macro to save some keystrokes, then Eoin has got you covered above.  If you are curious about more in-depth automation or macro capability take a look at their 'getting started page':

It's got all sorts of cool little tricks....
Hope its helpful!
E-E, Helpdesk


thanks Michael, since it’s a work Mac. couldn’t drop the Hammerspoon into application.

any other options/suggestions please

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