Application does not render correctly in other browsers other than Internet Explorer Please Help

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I have an application running in ASP.NET/C#/IIS/SQL Server.

The application is not rendering correctly on any browser other than Internet Explorer.

I have added a document with the details on display and some setting changes I had to make for PCI Scan Vulnerabilities.

Please advise on what the issue may be.


Bruce Merevick
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you have to debug either using the chrome developer tools or something else.  Without looking and debugging the application itself I have no idea of why it isn't rendering.. could be cross site scripting could be active-x or a multitude of other problems  there could be ie extensions. i.e. run in compatibility mode.  (check the headers of the page)

The government is not known for being cutting edge tech..
Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
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My first suggestion is to find the version ASP.NET/C#/IIS/SQL Server/IIS/Visual Studio used for this site.
Then if you could capture the view source of your login screen in both IE and Chrome so that I could do some assesment  regarding what  is going on in the login page.

Depending on how old the site is and how big the source code is, it could be a major work
I think the problem is that you use the Content-Security-Policy (CSP) header that prevents styles and scripts from loading. In IE it works because it does not support CSP. To rule out that the CSP is the problem, remove this header and try again. If it works in all browsers then add the CSP header again and make sure that the .css and .js files are referenced with the complete url according to the CSP parameters:

style-src and script-src.

Keep in mind that CSP blocks inline styles.
gcrickmanVP Information Technology Services


Thanks for the assistance, I have resolved the issue with your help

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