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I was in a meeting today with my co-workers where our boss announced that we're going to start building out a project in Node.

I've been going through a Node Tutorial and I've made a point of taking thorough notes, but there were some terms being thrown around in the meeting and I have them below. I'm taking a crack at defining them, but I wanted some other eyes on this so I can both sound intelligent and begin working in a way that's sound.

First, what is an ETL? I was looking at this article, but I've not run into this before. Here's the link: https://blog.panoply.io/6-top-level-etl-tools-for-node.js-and-2-paid-etls

Throughout the meeting, the phrase "spec it out" was used. I'm assuming that refers to documenting what it is that needs to be done after having analyzed the job, correct?

Data Point - another term that was being thrown around. After looking it up, it looks as though a data point is a piece of information. A last name could be a data point, correct?

Swagger - the project I'm working is grabbing info from Mac's Healthkit and making it available in our company's application. An API is going to be part of the process, obviously, and I get the impression that Swagger is a part of the process. How? (https://blog.cloudboost.io/adding-swagger-to-existing-node-js-project-92a6624b855b)

Stoplight - seems like this is similar to Swagger. What is it and what is its function?

FHIR - I'm reading through this article: https://healthitanalytics.com/news/4-basics-to-know-about-the-role-of-fhir-in-interoperability, but I welcome anyone who's worked with it to tell me what it does and why it would be important.
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The first thing to understand is that
a) The tech landscape is so vast (and growing) that nobody is conversant about all technologies that are out there. It is perfectly acceptable to say "I have not come across that yet - please give me an overview"
b) Sometimes references are dropped by people who are using them to sound knowledgeable but don't always understand them and so use them in a context that is not always correct.

In other words - if you don't know ask.
ETL - take data from one source (or sources) and mold it into a form that can be used for another. Resulting data is in a form that can be reliably used by some process.

Spec it out - create the design for something (Data, API, Interfaces, UI) provide a picture of what the process will look like and how it will work

Data point - single (discrete) item of information - that you can't break down into anything meaningful.
User record - not a data point (name, surname, email) - multiple discrete pieces of data
email - data point - breaking it down further is not useful.

Swagger (like APIARY) for building, consuming, designing and documenting RESTful web-based services. Swagger - open source, APIARY not.

FHIR - never heard of it - according to Google search - standard for data formats and elements and an application programming interface for exchanging electronic health records.
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Julian, I had a developer that I really respected say the same thing as far as IT being a universe that no one has fully explored. That being the case, should I ever encounter someone who comes across like they're all that and a chocolate milkshake - run! So, I appreciate your wisdom.

My shop is giving us all the opportunity to go out and read up on what needs to be done. I'm going to try and create a sandbox so I can kick the tires on things like Swagger so I can at least have some intelligent questions come our next meeting.

Thanks for the input and the affirmation.

Have a good day!
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You are welcome Bruce,

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