SMTP Error 553 5.7.1 Sender address rejected: not logged in ## when sending email to domains hosted by the same provider

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I have an Exchange 2010 server that receives and sends live, without mail relays. His name is remote.<domain>.ch. The domain is hosted by Hostcenter (Swisscom in Switzerland).
The MX is well defined on this server, a spf record exists for this server (with ~ all but not -all) and the query nslookup -q = MX will identify this server.

When sending on all domains that are not hosted at Hostcenter, everything works perfectly.
When sending to a hosted domain at Hostcenter, I have the error below with the direct send connector (port 25, TLS, no relay).
If I send with a relay connector with and the account that sends the message, I get to send on Hostcenter hosted domains and others.
With such a connector, other users can not send messages with this relayed relay connector at Hostcenter.

If I go through another relay, f the messages are rejected by Hostcenter, if the domain is hosted by HostCenter.

Error message is:
The server rejects all messages with the following error: #553 5.7.1 <technique@<domain>.ch>: Sender address rejected: not logged in ##

Do you have an idea or have you already encountered the same situation?
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Its looks like your hosting provider relay needs smart host authentication

Check if they have supplied any credentials with you ?

If not and if all hostcenter domains are publically routable (i.e. they also have MX published on internet), then disable relay connector and let email for them pass through normal internet DNS MX query method
If I go through another relay, f the messages are rejected by Hostcenter, if the domain is hosted by HostCenter.

that is likely due to SPF. but possibly also something hostcenter enforces w/o SPF.

i guess the issue here is the sender's mail address. likely not the ip : you are not expected to send as one of the local users unless you can authenticate as one. this seems decent if they expect to host the domain. if you have your own mail server, they probably should delete the domain from their email server.
David FavorFractional CTO
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As Mahesh said, looks like the MX host requires authentication.

You'll open a ticket with support to work through this problem.

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