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My current Exchange Server is now very old and does not provide connectivity with the later versions of Outlook which provide far better features.

To explain.  My Exchange Server services email for several domains that belong to a number off my clients.  Some clients have several email addresses and others have just one email address.  All email is router to my server via the Barracuda Networks Anti-Spam portal.  

Mailboxes on my server are accessed using Outlook Over VPN.  The VPNs are hardware bases (router to router) using fixed IP addresses.  Mobile platforms using iPhones, Windows Phones and Android Phones are supported.

I need to close down the server and migrate the email to Office 365 servers.

The procedure to transfer the data doesn't worry me but I have questions.

Firstly in which to continue to operate as an IT service provider to my clients I need to know if I can provide Office 365 licenses that I buy or should each customer have their own licenses - I suspect the latter.

Secondly if I am to have any future role it will be a support role for Office 365 operation (I have some experience with this already), so I would set-up Office 365 on their platforms and connect their mobile platforms to Office 365 email.  I am aware that there seems to be issues in syncing calendars across Windows and IOS devices - I tried some third party software but it wasn't easy to use and wasn't reliable.

Thirdly I feel that I still need to wash email through Barracuda before it hits the Office 365 mail servers.  Can this be done?

So if there is anyone out there who is in a position to help or advise then I would really like to hear from them.
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If you are a partner you can effectively resell licenses to your customers. Probably makes sense to move each customer to a separate Office 365 tenant, and you can just add yourself as Partner of Record to each and manage them as needed.

You can route messages through external hygiene solution before it hits O365, but since the price includes Exchange Online Protection, you might give that a shot as well. The general guidance is for using thrid-party solution is here:
Resell is allowed but m$ has a proven history of changing their prices from one year to the next. This can be a problem if you charge for multiple years or your clients expect condstant fees.

afaik all mobike devices have decent activesync support. Most other devices will work reasonably well with ical. Contacts may require extra work.

Using your own mailwasher simply boils to leave the mx record where hhey already point, change the routes / backenx servers on barracuda, and if possible set the barracuda ip as the only allowed ip for incoming email in o365 for all your domains

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