Email delivered to Junk Folder after 365 Migration

Dave Dowie
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I have a lot of email being marked as Junk following our exchange 365 migration.  Previously Junk email didn't function so staff are not used to checking it.  

The default settings in Junk Email Options in outlook is 'No Automatic Filtering' and there is no entries in the Blocked Senders list.  The same settings are mirrored in the user account of Office 365 online and yet some quite normal email with nothing suggesting it is SPAM or JUNK is being moved to the Junk email folder.

Anyone know why this might be? or possibly suggest a way I can just switch off this feature.  We have an external email scrubber so don't need this feature really.
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Hi Dave,

Make sure to update your SPF record in public DNS with "".
Unless you use some 3rd party anti-spam filter?

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Exchange Online comes with server-side spam/malware filtering, you can configure it as detailed here:

I wouldnt recommend switching it off, but you can certainly adjust the settings, such as configure different "spam action".
you need to analysis each email going into the spam, check there SCL value and auth results, there could be different factors behind an email getting into the spam, it could be microsoft content filter, or might be the email auth result is failing.

you can analyse the email header using the mxtoolbox or the to check the auth result if the SPF and DKIM is beeing pass? and the source of the emails is legit and then decide if the emails are good or bad.
Dave DowieIT Manager


I am liking your comment then Sunil but I am not an expert at this...  give me an indication of how I might do it and I will run with it.  I would prefer to just switch off email filtering in outlook.  I don't want any email going to junk email folder.
Dave DowieIT Manager


record does include......   "".

and yes we do use another filter.. so this is only email passing that...  this is simply the MS email filter not working at all, none of the options in junk email work so I just want to turn it off altogether.

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