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Dear Experts
We are looking for on premise application for warehouse management the application should have capability to develop work-flows and ability to trigger automatic email alert , we are not into mass production we mainly receive the items, unpack and see if documents are missing and if so escalate to the concerned to have good reporting engine and analytics. Please suggest. thanks in advance.
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From all of the critical features for warehouse/inventory management you chose to focus on email alerting :D
Do you manage lot/batch numbers?
Do you manage pallets?
Is it for manufacturing? Retail? Wholesale? Job shop? kits? Discrete manufacturing or process industry?
Do you need RFID? Barcodes? Automated warehouse?
How do you do procurement? How do you sell?
How does you finance manager want to valuate inventory? Standard + variance? Moving average? Fifo?
Do you import? Do you export?
Do you have a budget?
Who will be using it? Where are they located? Do you have a strong preference for the OS or platform? Will you have to share access with business partners? remote employees?
In fact, what you need is an internal document of prioritized requirements, which will be used to evaluate possible solutions.

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Thanks for the reply, we do not manufacture we maintain the data of vendor’s customer in our business application (yet to finalize the application that is suited for this process)  that is we have to use the business application and track their items movement entire journey (NOT through GPS only based on inputs provided by them on each movement).  The movement happens for following process Export and Import, in each of the process item has to traverse to few locations and in that one of the location is our warehouse
 where it enters our warehouse and we carry out unpacking and do inspection of documents and then send it to next location if some discrepancy found we tag it to escalation process and that part will be within our warehouse, we may also disassemeble and send only the defected part to the repair and on return we pack it and send as whole unit to the source from where we received. Each movement has to be notification email to the next location and in each location there are certain documents gets processed and attached. However, there is no commercials transactions to be captured in the application that happens in their business application. In our case we have to collect the data manage in the system as and when it moves to other locations we will receive the information we have to update in the system. We have to measure the number of days the export and import process takes. reports and dashboards for insights. Can you please suggest best suited application for this and which has to be on-premise application. thanks in advance.

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