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Hi, I am looking to find specification for amplifier (sound) . I found specifications but I wonder if I can find better brand
below the specification that I found (its what I need but I am looking for better brand like Sennheiser)- I do not know which brand model has near to this specifications
•      600 Watts
•      7 Mics, 2-AUX Inputs
•      Built-in Digital Player – USB/SD Card Reader with Remote
•      Pre-Amplifier & Line Output for connecting a Booster Amplifier and for recording purposes
•      Line input for connecting to an external Audio Mixer.
•      Resetable Circuit breaker for Overload/ Short circuit protection
•      Driver Unit/ Speaker Column selector switch for safer operation of Driver Units.
•      USB/SD/Bluetooth module.

Any suggestion will help? Thanks
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Principal Software Engineer
Looks pretty shady to me.

  • There are no real specifications, just a list of features.
  • I don't think a 600W continuous amp can be packed into that case which clearly relies on convection cooling.
  • There are no reviews of this anywhere, and indeed goofle only brings up one direct hit.

I/M/O, stay away from that.
Top Expert 2016

600W continuous amp sounds like the old sears 100W Sound Power Rating (garbage rating) No THD rating (total harmonic distortion)

Why don't you by the AS-6000DPE?

What is your intended application? What Speakers do you have now? Do you need more than 2 stereo speaker outputs i.e. A/B/A+B ?
What type of Microphone Inputs? XLR/Phone Jack?
What is your budget... Amplifiers range from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars


Thank you for your reply.

What is your intended application
I need it for internal building such as Hotel or company or supermarket to apply soft music, call workers when needs, give an advertisements...etc

My budget is (4 to 5) thousand US$

Yes please, just I need to know good brand with good specifications

Thank you in advance
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you won't find anything in the 4-5 USD range
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

For that application a built-for-the-purpose constant-voltage commercial PA amp is needed.  Running audio at output level any distance requires a 70.7 volt (in the EU 100 volt) system and that is only found in PA amps.

Alternatively, distributed low-level audio with amplfiers at the speakers can be used; but my own experience says "Stay well away from that."


Sorry, I meant 4-5 thousand. My mistake

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