Converting  100 word document into PDF

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I have 100 separate Word documents, that contains companies policies and i would like to convert every word document into PDF.
I know to convert then individually.

But is there any software that can convert all the word documents in on go or in in batches.

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Sure, you can batch convert with VBA or Kutools.

I've linked to the VBA version. Follow the steps close.
if you have a PDF printer (like Bullzip PDF Printer -, you can select your files and print them using right-click then select Print...
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100 separate Word documents
Some questions to clarify:

(1) Are they all in the same folder?

(2) If not, are they in subfolders of the same root folder?

(3) If the answer to (2) is yes, do you want to convert all of the Word docs in the root folder and all of its subfolders?

(4) If the answer to (2) or (3) is no, how do you want to specify which docs should get converted to PDF? Maybe a text file containing a list of fully qualified file names?

(5) Are the Word files all .DOC? Or all .DOCX? Or all .DOCM? Or a mixture of those? Any other file extensions (.DOT, .DOTX, etc.)?

(6) Are any of the Word files password-protected?

Regards, Joe

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