Chrome Won't Start

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Google Chrome will not start  on  windows 10 Dell laptop
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SeanSystem Engineer

Can check a few things:

is there a chrome process running in task manager? If so kill it/them then try to start chrome

Try to delete the chrome profile located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and rename the folder called "Default" to something else (default-old for example)

Last thing to try is to uninstall/reinstall chrome
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Try the above steps with respect to the user data folder. I normally uninstall Chrome, restart the computer and then install the most recent version. This normally works.
Computer Service Technician
If you are the only user on this computer you can create a new user, log into the computer with that user, if chrome works fine it is the user's chrome profile that is corrupt. Then deleting the default folder in chrome can resolve the issue, I some times delete the whole subfolder called "user data"  found in the Chrome folder for the user.  This may seem extreme but it does get recreated when the user launches google chrome.  Please note when you do delete either the user data folder or the default folder you will lose your cookies and bookmarks or passwords you created for specific webpage logins.  Before you delete either the user data or the default folders you can back up the bookmarks and cookies by copying them to a different location such as a usb memory stick or even copy them to your desktop.  The cookies and bookmarks are found in the default folder  bookmark.jpg  see picture.
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does Edge start ok ?

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