Safe and add free browsing pc and mobile?

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What are good alternatives for Google and Chrome these days, with focus on security and safety?
Brave Browser, using add Blockers (which ones)?

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Waterfox and Iridium are two options.
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I get minimal ads with Edge so that works for me as my default browser on a PC.  Edge does not go on mobiles at this point.
Michael HurleyWeb Geek

Hi janhoedt,
I have two suggestions:
1) the Tor browser ( has been on the rise due to its strong reputation for secure browsing.  Their software is based on distributed networks of relays which protect internet communication from tracking by ISPs and surveillance agencies. It generates a dedicated encrypted tunnel for sending and receiving of data, so it avoids 'prying eyes' from monitoring its internet connection.
2) Firefox Focus, (or as I call it 'old reliable').  Elegant, easy to use, and its most recent update covers the Android OS (

Both of these are reliable, safe, and secure, and available on mobile as well =)
I hope this information is helpful!

Michael  |  E-E, Onboarding Lead  |
Waterfox, Iridium, and SRWare Iron will be more private than the defaults.  You can never be completely private.  Browes in Private or Incognito mode to reduce the tracking cookies that get stored.

Waterfox removes the default Google tracking and "safebrowsing" settings from the standard Firefox, although you can go to the about:config settings and turn those off yourself as well.  Install an adblocker and Privacy Badger(from EFF) and you block the ads and other tracking.

Iridium and Iron are Chromium with all the Google trackers removed to follow the GDPR of the EU.  Install an adblocker and Privacy Badger and you'll be tracked less.  Unfortunately, Chromium based browsers can't install addons in incognito mode, because they can't track you to install the addon.

If you want some privacy on the phone, you can also use Firefox Focus.  It runs in Private(Incognito for you chrome users) mode by default.  I avoid phone apps for typical browsing.  Phones data can be more easily hijacked because the user has little control over how the apps are monitored.  App stores are a terrible invention and introduced the malware ad-laden crap that cheap people "buy" for free in exchange for monitoring and tracking.  Users don't have as much control over their own apps and can't as readily put adblockers and other useful plugins on the phone.

Although I have used Brave, it's still too new for me to recommend.  Betas are always a bit unstable.

One other thing to do is to browse in text mode and turn on javascript only when needed. <-- This prevents most malware from ever running on your computer.  However, this can become quite tedious for most people to want to manage.  I used to use Opera, when they ran their own engine and kept scripting completely turned off and copied the links to another browser when I was required to use javascript.  Now I use firefox for that.  Sites load much quicker without scripts backdooring malware(ads) on you.

Personally, I prefered ads in flash.  I just kept flash blocked or uninstalled, except in one browser, and it ran just fine.  When I needed flash, I just ran that one browser and clicked the one flash element that I needed.  The ad companies probably are partially responsible for killing flash, because now you need more complicated ad blockers to prevent all that malware from running on your system.  Ads are malware.  With Flash, you can see exactly where each flash element is placed and you don't enable the obvious ads.  With javascript, you have to know the code a bit of code to enable or disable the element you want.
Hedge Fund Manager
#1 Tor on Tails....
#2. BRAVE! I love this thing...I use uMatrix + AdGuard with it. I make sure everything is blocked by default including javascript, and just allow the sites I trust to use javascript and w/e else it needs to run. And I turn on Braves ad + tracking in settings to get my rewards from their ads, but uMatrix still blocks what's important xD..

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