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I have a Synology NAS and router which both support lots of Vpn solutions.

I have a pretty safe home network (Pihole, Proxy, intrusion detection etc) so I d like all my mobile device to use my hole network all the time.

Now what would be the best technology (Vpn) and how do I prevent battery draining (each connection attempt) but make sure all traffic goed via Vpn (iis, Android, w10)

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I'm sorry Janhoedt.

If you want to extend the battery life on phones just don't let them connect to your network using VPN, they should be isolated into his own network and have not accessed to your local resources.

Are you aware of it's a myth "super-secure network"? that's just an idea, in real life it doesn't really exist such thing, in my humble opinion.

My point is, it's really bad already that mobiles have access to your whole work network, that's a massive whole of security, beeing conscience on how easy a person can get his computer or phone infected with malware.

There's no reasonable justification to have mobiles connected over VPN or any other technology all the time with your whole network, and you'd need to notify and inform that it could be done, but it brings a lot of Cons and fewer pros.

If you want to do this, why don't you just try to do a site by site connection with every single employer's home? :) I think you got my point at this stage :)


1.I never mentioned I want to extend battery life, just not drain
2. There are tons of justifications for always on Vpn, dont even grasp that you state that idea: compression, traffic control, parent al control, pihole usage, access to private resources, proxy usage
Iow faster, more controller and secure nerwork
Didn't want to discuss If, but how/what s the best way
The Synology routers (1900 and 2600) function as VPN *servers*, but not as VPN *clients*.
If you want all traffic from your network to go out onto the internet via a VPN, your best bet would be to sign up with a VPN service like, for example, NordVPN, and then set your Synology NAS to connect and send all traffic to NordVPN, and configure the VPN client on the NAS to permit connections from your other devices on your LAN, and, on those other devices, set the NAS as their gateway.

Result:  all devices send all internet traffic to the NAS, which then sends it all to NordVPN.
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Why would I want to route all my network through a VPN? Never mentioned that.
> 'I have a pretty safe home network (Pihole, Proxy, intrusion detection etc) so I d like all my mobile device to use my hole network all the time.'

I'm talking about remote/mobile devices which connect through a VPN to my home network.
Your question wasn't very clear, sorry.
There are all kinds of reasons to route your whole network through a VPN.  But if that's not what you're asking...

If you want your mobile devices to route through your VPN, just set up an OpenVPN server on your router ("VP Server"), and use OpenVPN client software on your mobile devices.


Please close without solution. I know OpenVPN, among other Vpn, that's not relevant. Relevant is what Vpn solution is the best and why plus what technology/implementation would drain battery least.
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Your question suggests one thing, but suggestions along the path get responses that are contrary to your request.

While your home network is secure, a VPN exposes your secure home network to the frailties if any of the devices connecting to it.

To get a full answer to what you are looking to achieve, the question has to be more specific and much more detailed.

Different NAS devices include options to make the data available through the vendor "cloud" through use of credentials, unique identifier.

A VPN will activate when and as a need arises when your devices, systems need access to the resources that the ban secures.

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