Missed Static Libraries in C++ Embarcadero Project

Abdulatif AL ABDOU
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Hello all;
I have a C++ Embarcadero Project which use DevExpress Components; When I try to compile it, I have à dialog which ask me for the path to static libraries:





I searched for these libraries everywhere, but unfortunately, i have found nothing even by googling these names, nothing!

What do you think? any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Abdou

I've never heard of DexExpress.  Do you mean DevExpress?

If so, those are proprietary libraries that you'll have to get from the vendor.

There is a trial version here:  https://go.devexpress.com/DevexpressDownload_UniversalTrial.aspx

Abdulatif AL ABDOUIngénieur études et développement


Thank you Kent for your answer, yes i mean DevExpress
You will find VCL documentation here that refers to dxcontrol, dxgauge. The RS17 appears to be a release number. Look at your installation logs to find out where similar files are located - possibly near where your corresponding header files are located.


Should you have any questions on the documentation, email them at clientservices@devexpress.com.

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