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Power BI - Decreasing the Size of "Page 1"

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Last Modified: 2019-08-31

Below is a screenshot of a very simple Dashboard that I created in Power BI Desktop.  When I uploaded this to powerbi.com, I created a bar chart afterward.

When I pinned that bar chart to the Dashboard, I could not move it onto page 1.  Instead, to see the added bar chart, I have to scroll down.  This is shown in the second attached screenshot.

Anyway, not being able to drag the chart onto page 1 does not make for a very nice looking presentation.

In Power BI Desktop, how do I shrink the size of page 1 so that I can add charts, graphs, KPIs, or whatever I want later in powerbi.com?

Thank you!


Power BI ScreenshotPower-BI-Dot-Com.PNG
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Principal Consultant
Hi John
I'm afraid that I'm not following and I think there is some misunderstanding about the definition of report pages and dashboards.  When you say that you have "a very simple Dashboard that I created in Power BI Desktop", that doesn't make sense because dashboards are only created in the service. You created your report in Desktop, which can have visuals placed on multiple pages.  After publishing a report from Desktop to the service, you can pin visuals from any page to a dashboard.  If you want to move a visual from one report page to another, select it and use Ctrl-X to cut and then Ctrl-V to paste it onto another page.

Although we typically don't resize report pages, you can do so in the page properties. Dashboards are not resized but any tile can be resized simply by grabbing the lower right corner with the mouse.  I hope I have answered your question but I think there is some misunderstanding here. Please let us know.

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