common security incidents list for iso27001

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Dear Experts

Can you please help with list of common security incidents , require this to prepare document for ISO 27001.thanks in advance.
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That differs from company to company. One company could only use Office365, so a security incident might be because they leaked their username/password, or got their phone stolen.
Another might have a fully fledged server farm, meaning web/sql/rds attacks could be security incidents, and might even include "lost keys to the server room".

So, if you want a complete list, you really have to tell us as much as possible, from distributed smartphones, to what username/passwords are passed along to employees. All electronic hardware would be nice (think of network printers, wifi equipments etc etc, nothing is too small to mention). All the servers you have (what functions), all the services you use (Office 365? Online accounting suite?)


Thank you very much for the reply, request to provide few incidents that normally come across while i understand there are many which is specific to the specific environment, below my network it will be really great help if you can list few incidents  
1. we have windows AD as  authentication source and total 10 systems.
2. leased line circuit for internet.
3. company does not provide mobile devices
4. email system g-suite
5, branch users will login via VPN ( 2 branch with 2 users )
6. firewall existing fortinet going to replace with cisco asa.
7. users having home directory to keep their data and also team folders shared for their team working.
8. all users are standard users they are not allowed to install applications,
9. network printer is available for the users
10. have wifi connection for users
11, we are with server virutalized environment, 3 ESXI servers with windows and linux servers
12, we use CRM application

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