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business intelligence implementation

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Last Modified: 2019-09-07
Dear Experts
We are likely to get the power BI implementation project for this we have to hire the resources,  the customer will provide various data sources and we have to implement for this  what resources should we have to hire.
 I am not sure power BI developers alone can handle this hence I am thinking that we may require technical architect who can map the requirement to the power BI technology platform and prepares the functional specs and  tech specs document so that Power BI developers can use this document and develop. Please suggest is my understanding is correct and if found incorrect please help met to identify the right resource is it Project Manager/Solution architect/Technical architect who can fit this role and what experience they should be having. Please suggest.
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Principal Consultant
The diversity of roles and dedicated resources depend on a few factors which include the size and complexity of your project, data sources and user requirements.  At Pragmatic Works, on larger formal projects depending on needs, we might assign:
  • A BSA to manage business requirements
  • A project manager
  • A data architect/data modeler (for data warehouse or data mart)
  • An ETL developer
  • Data query & model developer in Power BI
  • Report designer

There is also an admin/DevOps/security role that is usually provided in-house.
For smaller projects, one or more resources could wear a few of these hats.
Mark EdwardsChief Technology Officer
The major issue I've come across in implementing these "magic bullet" solutions (as company management believes) concerns what needs to be done to get the data that you are going to have to use into the shape it needs to be in to be used by Power BI.  
If your data starts out as homogenous SQL-compliant data (similar structure, design, and can be used by SQL), then it will be relatively simple, as Power BI and other similar systems (Tableau, etc.) are heavily dependent on being able to query the data using SQL.
If the data being supplied is coming in many forms, designs, and technologies (Excel, text files, csv files, database extracts, etc.), then you are going to need one or more "data wranglers" to put together the system that's going to be needed to take the incoming data and "wrangle it" into the proper structure for use by Power BI, and that can get real time-consuming and pricey! (about $125/hr per wrangler).

Everything else I think was covered by Paul.  Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have!

I agree with above roles etc. but what I’ve found is that most of these projects are run from the data up.

basically you need to talk to management and figure out what the goals are and what the kpi’s are that way you can figure out what data is needed and all the models.

then architecture
from there you know the model and need you can determine needed sources and etl guys can start etc etc.

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