Migrating Passwords from .net to .net core?

Matthew B
Matthew B used Ask the Experts™
Is this possible? We are migrating our api from .net to .net core and wondering if we can take the passwords as well.

I know we can get the password salt, but the hashing function in .net has to be different than .net core? How can we achieve this without asking 30k+ users to change their password? Worse case scenario we can do this but id rathet not if possible.
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant

>>but the hashing function in .net has to be different than .net core?

Do you mean a specification from your side is to change the hashing mechanism?
Senior Developer
When the hash function must change, you can do a silent migration, if your old architecture is a kind of micro service architecture. Then you let the users authenticate against the old service, if it's okay, then you create an entry in the new system.

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