Microsoft Access database to exclude "Wire" and "Fire" from a text field

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I have an Microsoft Access database table where I am trying to exclude "Wire" and "Fire" from a memo text field called Description.  I want everything to show up that does not have the word "Wire" and "Fire" in it.
Thanks in advance.
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You can use the Replace() function in a query or in your VBA event code (in case you're using an unbound control).

Replace(Replace("Wire", ""), "Fire", "")

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so how do I use the "Replace" function in my query?  The table name is Meter and the field name is Description.
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Select Replace(Replace(meter.description, "Wire", ""), "Fire", "") As CleanDesc
From Meter

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Where YourField Not Like "*Wire*" and  YourField Not like "*Fire*"

Keep in mind that this will also eliminate anything with "WireCutter" or "Fireplace" or "Fireman" so you might want to use a more sophisticated pattern match than just leading and trailing *'s.
Dale FyeOwner, Dev-Soln LLC
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I wrote an article on complex text searches a few years ago, you might get some ideas from it.

Easiest method:
SELECT [yourField] from yourTable
WHERE [yourField] NOT LIKE "*[ .,]Wire[ .,?!]*"
AND [yourField] NOT LIKE "*[ .,]Fire[ .,?!]*"

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Note that I've included a couple of possible options for character which might preceed or follow those terms, so this is a little more detailed than Pat's recommendation and would not include those records where "Fire" or "wire" is part of a larger word.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

I am under the impression that you want to exclude "lines" from the Memo Field
For this you need to find the new line characters..put them in an array (split) and work your way on removing the offending line

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