Backup best practice handling on daily weekly and monthly and retention

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Dear Experts
We have recently implemented veeam backup and replication solution, would like to set the best practice backup and retention policy for VM’s and files. Please suggest me to daily backups best way to rotate  and similarly weekly and monthly how many days retention to be set and rotate. please help me with best practice way to configure like first full backup and then daily incremental and weekly and monthy how to set please suggest the best backup policy and set the retention
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional
There isn't a best practice per se, it is whatever recovery points your company requires.

Having said that, you can suggest something like keeping all daily backups for a month and keeping 12 monthly backups. With Veeam, this is pretty easy to do without losing too much space because of compression and dedupe of the backup database.
This is open for others to add to this but, first and foremost, any regulatory requirements need to be met ...

What combination are you using? All cloud, cloud & tape, cloud & tape & local disk/nearline storage ... ?


thanks for the reply, the solution deployed for on-premise, all servers are VM's and synology NAS is for destination. wanted to apply the best backup practice where daily can be restored for last 10/15 days and  monthly can be restored for last 12 months , not sure if this is good to go, please suggest me.
Iamthecreator OMIT/EE Solution Guide

Keep in mind the 3-2-1 Backup rule
At least:
3 copies of data
2 different storage media
1 offsite
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Veeam allows you to use reverse incrementals to keep daily backups as long as you want, but be able to do a fast restore from the latest backup when required.

So to answer your question, the "best practice backup and retention policy" is whatever your business requires. And "best way to rotate" doesn't seem to apply because you are backing up to disk, so there is nothing to rotate.

My standard rotation / retention schedule is to use a Grandfather, Father, Son system:

Monday to Thursday
Fridays 1 through 4
Month 1 and 2
Quarter 1 through 3
Year End

The Monday to Thursday backups are over-written each following week, so they are kept for a week.

Fridays 1 through 4 are over-written each following associated Friday, so they are kept for a month (four weeks)

Month 1 and 2 are run on the actual calendar month end, and are kept for three months - Note that the month end backups replace the Daily or Weekly one that would otherwise have applied

Quarter 1 through 3 are run on the actual quarter end dates (31 Mar, 30 Jun, 30 Sep), and replace the normal daily or weekly that would have applied

Year End = 31 Dec (replaces the normal daily or weekly that would have applied)

By default, the year ends are kept 'forever' (or at least for quite some time, but given they accumulate once per year, it would not generally matter if it was forever).

This means that you have layered backups, going back days, weeks, months, and years.

Hope that helps,


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