What are other CTOs doing to keep up on technology trends and updates?

Jeffrey Dake
Jeffrey Dake used Ask the Experts™
I am curious what technology trends are on Technology Officer's minds and what you think every company should be aware of right now.   What practices to you incorporate within your company to make sure your whole team is aware of these trends and making the right decisions?
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I am no CTO but I do manage technology for some small offices.  They just want things to work (Outlook/word/excel/multi function printer/scanner and individual propitiatory software for their business) and don't care about the details until something does not work.

Security and fraud are what is top of mind for me.  I educate by sending periodic articles with my own commentary as reminders.

Most issues include: Fake Quickbooks support, companies that call and say they are google, fraudulent domain registrars, not clicking on every email you get, using real passwords other than your kids names, not allowing employees to make their own work arounds, there is no such thing as 'paperless', not trusting your domain name to resellers, keeping up with os/software updates, not giving out the wifi password to clients and friends....

My google feed is pretty good at letting me know of trends and current issues. When I see something that catches my eye, I forward it as a reminder.
Subscribe to an anti-phishing service such as proofpoint and reduce the total number of fraudulent emails.  Educate the users about phishing.  Make sure all major transactions require multiple verifications that are not just through email.  Teach the users to restart there computer every 2nd Wednesday after allowing patches to be applied.

Because too many users, especially many at the CxO level, keep using super easy to crack passwords, Multi-factor or 2 factor authentication (MFA / 2FA) is a necessity.

Keep up with security trends by following RSA, SANS, and other security publications and groups.
Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
Distinguished Expert 2018
Hi Jeffrey,

This can be a long and exhaustive one.
1. Overall IT Security
2. Technology Trends
  1. Real world applications of Block-chain
  2. How to put AI, ML and DL to work for our customers
  3. Cross-Platform Rapid App Development Tools
3. Compliance
4. Products
  1. Dynamics 365
  2. Power Platform
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4.  Microsoft Azure

We are really a small team and everything is in the realms of Office 365. We use Teams extensively to communicate/broadcast most of the critical information. There is a SharePoint Intranet for employees/contractors to get detailed documentations/case studies/guides/templates/best practices for various scenarios.

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btanExec Consultant
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People - making the more mundane or routine task more automated hence Robotic Process Automation is one area looked into.
Process - making the application usage activities more interactive with greater UX, hence user behavior and analytics is another area
Technology - making the on premise more scalable vertically and horizontally, hence the move to cloud computing and service resiliency are area gaining traction

If I will to say, going into the cloud is one topic that is bond to have discussion or question the board would be expecting for some answer. It is consider still tranformational as the whole service delivery cycle and capability will undergo significant changes. I don't think we can have a laundry details but it is worthy for work planning. And sometimes, looking at Garner Hype cycle will help too for a general feel on the emerging tech direction. AI and machine learning are up in the list  too, though it would be best to research in the right use cases rather than jumping into it with no clear objective driven use cases.
Krzysztof KubiakSenior Windows Server Intel Administrator
All depends in what area/Business we are talking about. All previous comments are 100% correct. On people minds I'd definitely say is Cloud, Automation, Security, Block chain etc etc.
Let me share you a bit my experience what I think how people educate themself to keep updated in a large corporate (more then 5000 people)
In 95% they absolutely don't care about that. Just to survive to next pay check and let the 5% do the education and keep update.

The known and famous trend in Organizations is to Buy a product, install it without proper design and then start use a brain after it's to late.

But to be more serious.
It would be good to have a system where people are being update but this system won't be inn a corporation a huge success because a lot as mentioned don't care, however it's still would make sense to have for the 5% that system as a Company can benefit. It works for me and this is how I'm doing to keep me updated :

-I created a Chat group and invited all the colleagues who do liketo talk about IT. The benefit of that is that people share a lot of good articles
- I use Feedly to get updates from various website about Security, Technical News. Less about Cloud Solutions. But you can in generally can have aRSS service even in Outlook where you get updates.

Technical Owners will in general try to find solutions where the Business can safe Money.

Security, Regular Windows/Linux Patching, Cloudservice, Outsorcing .. are the are which come into my mind Companies will aim.
Jeffrey Dake Senior Director of Technologyy


Thanks everyone for the input.

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