Pass Null value for Number field in PL/SQL from C#

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Hello Experts,

I have a issue while inserting null into oracle database from .NET application. I have a field Phone  which is number in database, but want to insert null  when it's passed as parameter value and from application I also need to format the data(string value) and remove any symbols and insert just number.

E.g. 123-456-7890 should be 1234567890
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If you aren't using ODP.Net as your data provider, you need to be.  The new Managed Client doesn't require any client install.

You can get it here:

To get a null, use DBNull.Value as the parameter value:

As for formatting your string, that should be left to the .Net code.  Should be a simple regex replace?

Quick example here:


Thanks, it works.

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