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Need to read 2 values from a query in

            Dim nusa15 As String = "SELECT pagadot,nombre  FROM cheque WHERE id = '" & CustomerId & "'"
            Dim cmd15 As New OleDbCommand(nusa15, cn)
            valor = (cmd15.ExecuteScalar())

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this one get me only pagadot that i asign to valor

how to get nombre in the same

what is the way dear experts
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ExecuteScalar will only return a single value.

I would use a DataReader:

You  "could" concatenate the values inside the select to return them as a single value for ExecuteScalar but I wouldn't recommend it.  I only mention it because I'm sure someone else will.


so the way for retrive that is use multiple querys?
Something like this:
OleDbDataReader reader = cmd15.ExecuteReader();


reader.getInt32(0) ' pagout
reader.getString(1) ' nombre

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>>so the way for retrive that is use multiple querys?

No.  As jcgd posted and from the example in the link I posted, use a DataReader not ExecuteScalar.
Are you using Access or SQL Server?
 Private Sub FineData()
        Dim mySQLDataAdapter  as SQLDataAdapter = nothing
        Dim DS as dataset = nothing
        Dim sTableName  as string = "cheque "
        Dim str as string = nothing
            str = "SELECT pagadot,nombre  "
            str &= "FROM " & sTableName & " "
            str &= "WHERE id  = CustomerId  "
            If cn.State <> Data.ConnectionState.Open Then cn.Open()
            mySQLDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(str, myConn)            'FOR SQL Server


        Catch Exp As DataException
            MsgBox("FillDataSet Procedure Error", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Load Data Error")
        Catch Exp As Exception
            MsgBox(Exp.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "General Error in Cheque Table")
            str = Nothing
            If cn.State <> ConnectionState.Closed Then cn.Close()
        End Try
    End Sub

IF need you can add a join if you are looking at more than one table.
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The SQL posted appears to be returning a single row.  Personally, I wouldn't bother with a DataAdapter, DataSet and DataTable for one row.  Too much overhead for what is needed.

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