How can I set up a headless version of three.js on a node server like the babylon.js-NulEngine?

Orac Bancksy
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I have been working towards creating a multiplayer three.js fps game and am planning to only do client-side prediction in the browser. On the other hand, I am using Node.js Express.js and for the authoritative server-side implementation of the multiplayer game and would like to check collision server-side.

Using three.js or external libraries, what are the possible options to create a headless version of the game state like the babylon.js-nullengine and calculate raycasting collision on the server-side?

Similarly, how do three.js multiplayer io-based games keep track of game states server-side and do bullet and movement collision?
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Three.js is a graphics rendering library and does not do collision detection.

You need something else for that, here some possibilities

RayCaster tutorial

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