Section Headers in Word 2013 Field codes

Garyfriedman2005 used Ask the Experts™
Am trying to including the section number in the heading of a Word 2013 document.

Currently I have

{ STYLEREF "Heading 3" \r \ * MERGEFORMAT }

in the field code, which works well as long as the page contains a heading 3.  Some pages only have a Heading 1 or Heading 2; however, and then the header doesn't update until another page with a Heading 3 appears.

I tried putting in { SECTION } but all I get is a single-digit number, not something like "5.2.1".

Please point me in the right direction!  Thanks.
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have you tried to add the same field codes

{ STYLEREF "Heading 1" \r \ * MERGEFORMAT }

{ STYLEREF "Heading 2" \r \ * MERGEFORMAT }



Then I get either 2 or 3 entries when I expect one.  For example:

Chapter 1 1.1 1.1.1

I just want it to show the current section number, regardless of how many levels it is.

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