Need an AT&T cell phone signal booster

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A small conferencing center needs help boosting their AT&T cell phone signal.
They are in a wooded area, and it's an old building, with metal mesh in the exterior walls, and several fireplaces with stone walls. There's a big kitchen at one end.
The building is long, maybe 200 feet from end to end.

Can a building have more than one booster?
Which one should I get?

I saw a pretty persuasive web page from Wilson Amplifiers, that placed high on a DuckDuckGo search.

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with metal mesh in the exterior walls, and several fireplaces with stone walls

If they're not getting a signal internally, no signal booster will help.  AT&T has their own micro cell that allow up to 15 cell phones to be added, but only 4 can be active at a time.  They do require at least 1 bar for it to work.  (
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Actually, you cannot get Microcells from AT&T anymore. They will activate them if you can somehow find a used working one. They've pushing people to utilize Wi-Fi for calling in such situations. You're looking in the right direction. Distributed antenna systems would cost far more.
I've used Cel-fi before here in Australia.
They work quite well and offer both wireless or wired signal boost, depending on the model you choose.
I've used the wired ones to boost the signal in cyclon rated transportable buildings, so your metal mesh in the exterior walls shouldn't be a problem as fas as you can fetch the external antena cable into the unit.¤cy=AUD&gclid=CjwKCAjwnrjrBRAMEiwAXsCc41UHLfZv7EIOEklg4Xfi2GEcfYnXkYyZI5Fnbf0vD57nmfT4QPXSzhoCyWQQAvD_BwE


Since the Microcells aren't supported by AT&T, I will have them go with the Wi-Fi solution.


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