VOIP VLAN using LLDP-MED on FortiWifi 30e

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We have a Fortinet FortiWifi 30e connected to BT fibre.  There is a single software switch including all 4 ports. There is a DHCP server and scope (192.168.5.x) running on the internal interface.

I have defined VLAN_10, set the VLAN ID as 10 and created a second DHCP server and scope (192.168.10.x).

There is a single cable running from port 1 on the Fortinet to a ubiquiti 16 port POE switch.  5 yealink T46s phones are directly connected to the Ubiquiti switch and 5 laptops connected via the second port on the back of each phone.  All devices get IP addresses from the internal range i.e. 5.x

When I set the VLAN tag on a laptop to 10 it will get an IP address from the 2nd scope i.e. 10.x as expected.

BT provided the phones and will not allow us access to the configuration so I can set the VLAN tag on the phones to 10.  They have suggested that we enable LLDP-MED for VLAN_10 and this will force the phones to pickup  an address from the 2nd scope.

Any suggestions as to how this is done? (preferably in noob speak)
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Without knowing the model of switch, you need to set "Voice VLAN" as 10

how this is done depends on whether it is a unifi switch, or one of the other switches.


Its a Unifi 16-150w PoE switch and I’m running unifi controller from a cloud key. if I plug a phone directly into the fortinet I get the 10.x range as expected. it’s justnotnpassing that through the ubiquity switch. I have 2 networks configured on the switch controller and all ports on the switch are linked to all i.e. LAN and Voice
ok the issue was in the unifi settings. I had to create a new switch port profile, add the LAN and the voice vlan and then apply that profile to whichever ports necessary. now when I plug a phone in any port it gets 10.x and pcs etc get 5.x as expected.
as I had suggested

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