reading usb/ comports from a pc in vmware

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I use Touch computers wich have usb scanner connected , and runnng on the computer a (Datalogic handscanner)  a driver wich converst the usb to a
com port
In vb6 a can easily getting comport data buffer inside
now the vb6 programs runs on a Vmware machine,   when usb comport gets input , it writes it to shared drive on vmware
in vb6 program i scan once a second that drive , open it, read  it, delete it
Time consuming and lots of disk access

Would there be a way, and how, to read from the vmware machine diectly the comport on the PC where the vmware machine is in use this is on the pc wich runs (RDP)  the vmare machine
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Yes, possible.
You will need to enable the "Usb Passthrough" function on the Vmware host.


Thanks for advise, i realize there is no oher way

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