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If there is not action verb quoted in front of the method, does it mean it accept HttpGet ?

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Hi Simon,


Once a matching route is found, Web API selects the controller and the action:

To find the controller, Web API adds "Controller" to the value of the {controller} variable.
To find the action, Web API looks at the HTTP verb, and then looks for an action whose name begins with that HTTP verb name. For example, with a GET request, Web API looks for an action prefixed with "Get", such as "GetContact" or "GetAllContacts". This convention applies only to GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, and PATCH verbs. You can enable other HTTP verbs by using attributes on your controller. We'll see an example of that later.
Other placeholder variables in the route template, such as {id}, are mapped to action parameters.

Ideally, you should mark your method with the supported HttpVerb.


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