Specific Div or Table need to refresh while response are coming back from popup.jsp to parent.jsp

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How can i refresh a div only once i got a response from popup.my scenario is below -

i have a Parent JSP page . in parent.jsp page there is a button which opens a popup when popup is open it fetch the table data from database . table data contains Employee_ID, Employee_Name . in popup jsp when displaying data each and every row contains a checkbox . after multiple selection of checkbox there is a submit button in popup.jsp , after submitting the page comes back to the parent.jsp page and display the popup.jsp submitted Emplyee_ID and Employee_Name.

my problem is when i m getting response back from popup.jsp to parent.jsp file my specific table is not refreshing , when i am debugging parent.jsp , list are coming with data but not displaying because it is not refresh at the moment when response are coming back from popup.jsp t parent.jsp .

Please let me know the solution.
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run the following in your parent to refresh the div :
$("#yourDIV-ID").load("/path/to/parent.js #yourDIV-ID");

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<div id="#yourDIV-ID" ...
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Great Work Leakim . Thank for your valuable support.
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you welcome

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