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Hi.  I am using the following hyperlink in the html of an email. I now want to include a text box
 in the email body too. I want the user to enter a value in the text box so that when my hyperlink is clicked it uses the value in the text box

  Dim oLinkAccept As String = "" & oNewOfferID & "&oOfferAcceptDecline=Accept"

       oHBody = oHBody & "<a href=" & oLinkAccept & ">ACCEPT</a>"
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It's not clear to me, if you want the text box in your part, or the text box as the end result (in the mailbox of the end user).
I suspect you mean the latter, which would mean the email must be "smart" and hence contain code. However, it's a security risk for any email client to run any code, including Javascript. You can have no interactive email as you would like it. The interactivity has to come from one static link, and that following page would be the one to introduce the text box.
Murray Developer


Thanks makes sense

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