need good speakers to plug into a laptop for good sound quality for a live stream of a group of 10 people

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I am setting up a conference camera to live stream a company meeting to 2 remote locations.  At these locations there will be a laptop setup connected to a projector.  I don't want the attendees to listen to the live stream meeting using the laptop speakers.  What kind of speakers could I plug into the laptop to get some pretty good, and loud sound?
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Well it really depends on how portable you want it.

I'd personally go with some Logitech Z506's or if you want something more portable (which you didn't specify), the creative Kratos S3

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Budget is certainly a factor here too, as well as size.  Tell us more about those constraints if you can.  If you are looking for some decent volume though you definitely want a powered set of speakers.  Also if this is just for voice (not music) then just two speakers is probably enough, shouldn't need a subwoofer, etc.

I have a set of Bose as shown at the link below and have been very satisfied with the quality and performance of them.  They are frequently rated fairly highly in reviews as well.


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