Intel SR2500ALBRP Sata/Sas Backplane cable connector??

Wayne Barron
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Hello everyone.

For starters, I do not make a lot of money in my self-business.
So, I have to get what I can get, in order to grow.
With that said.

I have just purchased an Intel SR2500ALBRP
The motherboard: S5000PAL

In the following image, you will see a BLUE set of SATA cables with a single PLUG at the end.
Intel SR2500ALBRP RAID SATA Connector
Now, The PCI riser assembly has only a NIC Card on it with DUAL 1G nics.
My question is simple.
WHAT RAID Card do I need to get, to connect this with?

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If you haven't already invested in the SAS drives, you might consider:

Dump the funny cable, install four standard SATA cables at $1.19 each and connect up directly to the drives, and buy whatever RAID card you like.

Also see these past EE discussions on SAS/SATA RAID which may be useful:
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It is SFF 8484 , LSI entry level card SAS3442X-R is $20-30 on fleabay. Not a high performance card and does not do RAID 5 or 6 but does do 1E for an odd number of disks. There are many other cards that take that plug.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

It's been a while since we've worked with them (we've been Intel System Builders for a very long time), but it looks as though the stock single SATA cables that would normally be plugged in to the midplane via the motherboard have been replaced.

That cable is a breakout cable. The server probably had a PCIe or PCIx RAID or SAS HBA plugged into the riser facing the side the cable was plugged in to.

You can plug individual SATA cables into the motherboard to gain access to the drives via on board software RAID or purchase an inexpensive RAID controller and battery backup from any auction site.

A list of compatible components for Intel SR2600SLBRPR.
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There's meant to be a SAS/SATA midplane it plugs into, that can't be missing because the fans plug into it as well, see figures 8 and 9.

De mobo connected to de cable
De cable connected to de midplane
De midplane connected to de backplane
de backplane connected to de disk drive
Oh hear de name of de lord.

Of course you can bypass the midplane if you put your own PCIe card in it,
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web Developer
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Thanks for all the responses.
I purchased a card that I a familiar with, as it is in my other Intel Server.
I purchased this on Friday night, though be in by mid-week.

I have some spare cables, so I will be good to go, once they arrive.
So, all is good.

Once again, thanks for all the useful information.

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