sample recommended postgresql.conf & pg_ha.conf

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
Can anyone share a sample full contents of recommended / hardened settings
of postgresql.conf ?

What's indicated in CIS benchmark for Postgresql 10 is unclear & in bits & pieces;
some of the extracts from the benchmarks are posted below:

- configuration file enumerates all tunable parameters and even though most of them are
commented out it is understood that they are in fact active and at those very same
documented values.

- shared_preload_libraries = 'pgaudit'
shared_preload_libraries = 'pgaudit,somethingelse'

- $ vi ~postgres/10/data/postgresql.conf
# load set_user libs before anything else
shared_preload_libraries = 'set_user, other_libs'
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If anyone has pg_hba.conf, share that as well

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