Windows 10 Firewall blocks Western Digital backups over network.

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Hello Experts,

Windows 10 Firewall is blocking Western Digital SmartWare backups. I have confirmed this is the case...

I created exceptions in Windows firewall to allow these programs to run:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\WD SmartWare\ BackupTask.exe and WDBackupEngine.exe

These exceptions did not work.

Does anyone know how to remove this block??

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You are creating exemption on the outgoing side from the sound of your program based rule, you might need an incoming rule to allow requests to cone through.

You shoukd look at the documentation as it often includes what firewall changes there might be needed.

In the system from which you initiate, server, use ms network tool or wireshark to capture outgoing traffic to the client you intend to bavkup to see what connection attempts are made, port then make sure the remote incoming firewall rul includes the exemption as well as have an application listening on that port.
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Use windows firewall logging to see what is being blocked. It's found in the advanced properties as usual.
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As they were stating, find the port and information that is being blocked from logging. Credit to Mcknife there.

Then check your rule set in firewall to make sure it is allowed. Set a custom rule and label it well so you can monitor it going forward.

If you do not hit the block log, you will need to check your firewall/router on the edge of your network to make sure its not stopping traversal there.

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