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Hi Experts, I have been using a Windows Phone for the past 5 years and have finally decided to move on to an Android or Apple based cell phone. I think it is ridiculous to pay $1000 or over for a cell phone, so I would like to keep it in the $600 or below price range. I have an IPod touch so I am familiar with the Apple IOS interface. Here are some of the features I would like in a new smart phone.

- Good Camera
- Long Battery life
- I would like to use Face time (I think this is a Facebook app, so possibly the type of phone does not matter)
- I would like to use GPS on the phone for driving. Possibly this is also hardware independent.
- A larger screen would be nice rather than the small screen on the original Apple phones.
- I prefer to use Verizon
- The ability to display images from my phone onto my big screen tv (I don't know how to do that yet, possibly it is a hardware attachement or a specific app)
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Get a used iPhone or android phone on Swappa if you want something decent under $600. https://swappa.com/

Face Time is an Apple app, not Facebook.

All phones have GPS for maps.  iPhones have Apple Maps as well as Google Maps.

Iphones can display to Apple TV over airplay.  You can also use Chromecast to display through the cheaper chromecast player.

Android phones have their own version of facetime now.

Android phones have more variety and they do have larger screens than iPhones at a cheaper price.  They also have replaceable batteries, while iPhone batteries are not consumer serviceable.

The major apps exist on both phones.  It's only a few minor apps that have differences.  It's really up to personal preference.  I have both and I currently prefer my iPhone for most of the apps, but that's because I have a better data plan on it.  I use my android for other apps, but use it mainly through WiFi.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
If you buy an Apple branded phone then you pretty much become a slave of Apple so far as repairs and parts are concerned.  Apple has done their best to prevent third parties from working on their phones -- not even so much as replacing batteries -- and gone so far that when a battery is replaced by anyone other than Apple, the phone puts up a warning screen and disables the battery health indication.


Then there's that issue that Apple branded phones can't use a standard earphone or headset without buying a gorgeous adapter that hangs gracefully from the phone like a sloth off a tree.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Buy what you like.  Apple controls apple like a dictator controls it's population.  Don't like something Apple does?  Tough.  Key reasons *I* won't buy an iPhone:
*Cannot easily replace the battery (though this is also a problem on many newer android phones as well)
*Cannot expand storage (no SD card slot)
*Apple has a long history of screwing their customers:
--The above and others: https://www.lifewire.com/biggest-controversies-iphone-history-1999603

I recently bought an LG G8 (I've had several LG phones in the recent past, including the V30, G5, G3).  These are competitive with the Samsung Galaxy.  The G8 I bought has 128 GB of Storage, supports and SD Card, has a decent battery, an EXCELLENT camera (I love it - the pictures were so much better than my girlfriend's iPhone 8 on a recent trip we took!).  Bought it on Amazon for $500 on Prime Day (normally $850).  If you can wait 2.5 months, you'll probably get much better pricing on phones for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.  Oh, and LG comes with (once you register) a 2 year warranty.

As previously stated, Face Time is an apple product.  You can't use it with android.  If that's a requirement, then you have no choice.  You're buying Apple.  But if you've been using Windows Phone for a while, then it's hard to believe FaceTime is a requirement.  There are plenty of other options available that will work on Android AND apple - here's a list of apps that should have versions on both platforms:

Android has a lot more variety, but because there's variety, you can't make generalizations like they have replaceable batteries - some have, some don't.

Frankly, if you're looking for a phone, I strongly recommend going to www.phonescoop.com and plugging in your requirements.  They have a great tool for selecting what you want as well as comparing a variety of phones.  I've made all my phone purchases by comparing what I've been using to options available using that site for probably a decade now.


Thanks everyone great information.

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