Office RegKey denied with update to WIN10 Prerelease

Thaddeus Sendzimir
Thaddeus Sendzimir used Ask the Experts™
I just updated to the latest version of windows 10 Developer Edition  Build18975 rs prerelease 190830-1502.  Now when I open Word, the program goes searching for a product key but can't find it.  I can then enter my existing product key (obtained from my subscription to MSDN) but Office 2013 will not recognize the reg key.  Instead I receive an error message with the System Error Code: -1073423314.  

This update to WIN10 was a major release and created a windows.old folder etc.  I have a strange feeling this happened once before some months ago.  

Would be most grateful for anyone's kind advice.  I don't want to waste yet another reg key that is unnecessary.

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You cannot trust prerelease versions. I suggest to revert to the previous version, it just takes 5 minutes and most probably, office will be activated again.


Dear McKnife - Thanks your comments.  In fact, I did revert back to the previous version and now I can use OFfice 2013 with no problem.  I guess it's a simple solution but not the one I hoped for.  In retrospect, I can't see much difference between the updates and the things that I think need fixing never get attended to (like fixing the VPN so that it actually works).

Thanks Again.

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