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Quickbook help in windows

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Last Modified: 2020-02-05
I have a QuickBook software that allows me to create multiple companies and now I have two companies in QuickBook in one Windows 10.
For each company, I have 2 user accounts for each company.

My question is: Can user A in company A manually download the company B quickbook db file inside of the root directory?
If the answer is yes, how can we prevent this happen?

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please claridy your setup.

the users have to be defined within the company file, they are not defined in quickbooks if I understand your question correctly.

the user logged into the system has rights on the root folder
you can prevent a windows user from having righs on the files, but this user might also not be able to open/access the file.

i.e. userA into windows, has usera into companyA
userB into windows has userb in companyB.
On the file for companyb, you would add userb with deny access right.
however, if userA leaves the computer/session active, userB can then access the file and copy it to a USB or another destination where both have access i.e. another network share.
You'll likely have a better shot at enforcing security if you put the two different company files in different folders.  That will make it much easier to separate the access by the two different Windows users.

It would be helpful to know if you're talking about access over a network or locally.  If locally, are you having the two users log into Windows (different from logging into QB) with different names and passwords?

Lastly, make sure you have good security within QB.  Specifically, both users should have different names and difficult-to-crack passwords.  If the QB file does get taken, QB security will make it more difficult for the unauthorized user to access the information.

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