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Using SCCM with USB Bootable drive to deploy windows 10

jskfan asked
Using SCCM with USB Bootable drive to deploy windows 10

Any Expert in SCCM to lay out the steps that need to be taken to deploy windows 10  using USB drive to boot the target computer?.

I have read articles and watched youtube videos, but it seems like it is hard to follow.

for instance you have Reference Computer where you install you Apps and Updates and Drivers,etc... then you create an image  of the Reference computer then you copy the image to a folder in the network , and you create Task Media in SCCM , you point to the location of the image created, then proceed creating bootable USB drive.
Assuming I am correct so far...

then when rebooting target computer off USB , how does it know where to get the image ?

Well, this is just a summary of things that I am thinking should be included in Image deployment.. this is just brain storming..I could be wrong
So, I need an Expert to lay out the steps to be taken , to deploy windows 10  using USB as the bootable drive.

Thank you
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Your steps are correct. Now to your question, here are the steps it takes once you boot the remote machine from your USB stick:
The following process occurs when you boot to bootable media:

    The destination computer starts
    It connects to the network
    It retrieves the following content from the site:
        The specified task sequence
        OS image
        Any other required content

Because the task sequence isn't on the media, you can change the task sequence or content without having to recreate the media.

In other words your USB media has already necessary data. You need just to have that machine in network where your Deployment Task (Specified Task Sequence) is available.
See details here


there are many ways to create windows 10 bootable USB drive, but how do you create one that communicates with SCCM

on this link there is step by step:https://www.intowindows.com/bootable-usb/

with this tool  should be simpler: https://www.intowindows.com/bootable-usb/

also how do you create an image from the Reference Computer and how do you copy it to SCCM ?


I will get back on this topic
Thank you

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