Changing  the display on calls received from google voice

Richard Schierer
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I setup a Google Voice account for my iPhone.
Is it possible to change the display that is sent to the person I am calling from that number?
IE, I call back a client, with Google Voice number, their phone rings and normally displays my number.
Can I change that to display, "Prime Tech"?
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Google Voice does not subscribe to the database that the called party's provider uses
You can use to update the database
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that link, David went to a caller id page. I was looking to change the display on somone's phone to show my company name when I am calling them.
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How do I update or correct my listing?
Step 1: Click “Edit Listing” in the Phone Number Owner box found on the listing page.
Step 2: Complete the necessary verification steps to confirm you are the true owner of the phone number.
Step 3: Submit a request to change the listing details or switch its status to active or inactive.
My number has been spoofed, and it has inaccurate comments. What can I do?
Step 1: Post a clarification notice explaining the situation in the comments section.
Step 2: Contact us to close down the comments section for your phone number.
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Thanks for the info David!

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