crystal report  error  Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. Details: [Database Vendor Code: 18456 ]

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hiii im using crystal report in my web application in which i have a main report and a subreport my problem is that in my subreport i have passed a store procedure which except parameter @relationid so in code behind i have used this code to set that parameter value which is  

rpt.SetParameterValue("@relationid", documentId, rpt.Subreports[0].Name.ToString());

i have linked subreport with main report parameter but im getting this error  which is attached below  any solution thanks in advance
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Sam Simon NasserIT Support Professional
It might be report specific, a sub-report maybe trying to logon using credentials stored within the report, rather than the credentials you've passed into it via the code; You need to loop through all sub-reports rather than just the main report setting the login information.
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DOes your code pass the logon parameters to the report?
They are not stored with the report.

As stated above you need to s logon for the main report and all subreports.  The code for passing the logon credentials changes slightly with version and method.
What version of Crystal?

What code are you using to call the report?


I have pass logon parameters as suggested by you guys for reports and its working now  thanks for the help

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