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Steve McGuinness
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I have an official forms to complete but I have to complete it for several hundred people.  
The data is all in an access database .
The source document is in PDF but I have successfully converted to word and slightly less successfully to Excel.  On conversion not all fields are editable in word and I really want to be able to see the data on a form in Access where all the other data sits.  The conversion to Excel does not maintain the layout in anyway.   In a perfect world the output would be editable word for certain user fields and the source document for the actual form but for now I am assuming I will just print an access report.

The source form is heavily formatted.  There are several fonts and different sizes, in the middle of sentences certain words are underlined or italisised.

I looked at the article:

I copied in the code and set up a table with a text field.  In the field I put  fonttype("abcdef",fl_ArialBold) & fonttype ("ghi",fl_ArialBold) & fonttype ("jkl",fl_TimesBold)

I tried with and without a leading "=".  I changed the format of both the table and form to rich text but I dont get evaluated formatted text in my text box

I need to do font size as well as font name/Bold but so the FontType function would need to take 5 paramaters

Fonttype(Text, Font, FontSize, Bold, Italics)

My idea was then to have a table

FormField ID        
Bold - boolean field
Italics - boolean field

then to have a function that works through all of items with the same FormFieldD to concatonate a formatted piece of text

Does anyone see why the present code does not work or have any ideas how to achieve the solution?
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