Split file environment - Does a full copy of Access need to be installed on the server?

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This may be a dumb question but in a split file environment I know the front-end file goes on every user's computer.  And the back-end file is to go on a server and the front-end file is to be linked to the back-end file.  But does a full copy of Access need to be installed on the server?
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No, not on the server, just on the end-users PCs and if they are just using a database, not doing actual development, they can use the free runtime edition and don't even need to paid full version.  Only the developer(s) need the paid full version.  The only thing that goes on the server is the back-end file itself, nothing more.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
The BE is just a file...doesn't need anything...just the FE needs at least ms Access Runtime.
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<<But does a full copy of Access need to be installed on the server?>>

 As the others have said, no it does not, but it can make life easier.    You can do a Compact and Repair right on the server then, do design changes in the BE, etc.

However with that said, you'll seldom find an admin that wants to install Office on a server.

One exception to that is RDP/Citrix servers.  Often companies will have one and Office will be installed.  The BE will be located there, along with some type of a directory structure and mapping to give each user their own copy of the FE.


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