Missing network file / folder access when logging into the network from different locations

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I've been experiencing this issue when logging into our network from different locations including VPN where drives and folders I normally have access to are no longer available.  Some network shares fail to connect completely and some only show me some folders but not all of them.  This is very strange behavior and I'm not sure what could be accounting for it.

These sites are networked through a wan connection and has DC's at both sites that are trusted.
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

It's possible the machines themselves have access restrictions.  

Also, some systems may require SMB 1.0/CIFS sharing support to be turned on in order to access older shares.


I followed the link and I do have that enabled already on my windows 10 installation.

As for the machine access, I don't have this problem using my machine at the home office.  Only from one of our other locations or via VPN.  I know of at least one other user having this issue.
It appears the root of this problem is offline file sync.  The users who are affected by this issue are just a handful of users who are using folder redirection and offline file sync.  If offline file sync is disabled all files and folders appear on the network drive (but the users loose all the redirected items - ie the desktop is bare).  When the sync is enabled the users get all their synced documents but loose the network drive.  So, I know the why but not really sure on the how just yet.  I'm tweaking some group policy settings in the hope that resolves it but this can be closed as the why is now known.

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